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Functional Safety Quizzes

Cooking Safety Quiz Kitchen Safety Quiz

Household Safety Quiz Preventing Falls at Home Quiz

Community Safety Quiz Driving Safety Quiz

Safe Transfers

Memory Quizzes
Breakfast Prep Memory Lunch Prep Memory

Thanksgiving Dinner Prep
Home Scavenger Hunt

**Navigating Around Town**
  Simplifying ADL Quizzes
Work Simplification for Fatigue Energy Conservation  Quiz

Simplifying Home Management Simplifying Kitchen Tasks

Simplifying Community Outings Simplifying House Keeping

Simplifying Dressing Simplifying Bathing

Simplifying Grooming Simplifying Toileting

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  Functional Checklists (printable)
Cooking Readiness Checklist Medication Management Readiness

Kitchen Safety Checklist Financial Management Readiness

Bathroom Safety Checklist Shopping Readiness

Phone Skills Checklist