Phone Use Hierarchy

Level 1
Attend to incoming phone call
Attend to incoming text message
Therapist sets timer
Attend to timer (event-based)
Activates timer button
Attends to photos on screen

Level 2
Turn on phone
Checks phone for time
Makes call (after setup)
Respond to alarm (time-based)
Turn off alarm
Turns up volume

Level 3
Remember pass code
Checks battery level
Set alarm (time-based)
Find contact, send text
Find contact, make call
Finds apps on screen
Checks Facebook
Checks email
Plays games
Plays songs

Level 4
Looks at schedule to follow
Use Siri to set alarm
Uses Timer Talk (Apple)
Uses Voice Reminder (android)
Enters info into notes app for recall
Takes photo
Replies to email
Deletes irrelevant email
Searches for specific website
Sends pic via phone
Composes email
Finds specific YouTube

Level 5
Programs appts into reminders
Enters appts into calendar
Checks notes in notepad
Takes photos of landmarks
Forwards email
Uses search to find info
Activates wifi
Uses copy/paste
Activates Tactical Breather

Level 6
Uses Time Planner to create schedule
Creates phone contact
Checks notifications
Download music
Uses QR reader

Level 7
Programs GPS
Uses street view to navigate
Makes shopping list
Uses bar code reader in shopping
Finds directions
Checks data usage
Adds photo to phone contacts
Uses PTSD Coach (Apple)

Level 8
Organizes apps on home screens
Programs shortcuts for common contacts
Sets up Bluetooth connections
Creates Keynote presentation
Creates Numbers w raw data